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Recommended Reading

This recommended reading list contains a list of all the books that inspired me, motivated me or opened me up to whole a new world. This lists contains novels, non-fiction books, and a whole lot of self - help books.


How to Cleanse Crystals

Learn the the most simplest and effective ways to cleanse your crystals.


Intro to Affirmations

Simple and easy affirmations that everyone could use on a daily basis.


Affirmations ii

Affirmations to help you feel like you are enough.


Benefits of Detoxing

The spiritual, emotional and physical benefits of detoxing.


Affirmations III

Affirmations to help you with your purpose.


Types of Detoxing

Learn about the different types of detoxing techniques that could help you feel happier, lighter and healthier.

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Affirmations IV

Affirmations to help with financial abundance.

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Healing Benefits of Water

Learn about how healing water is the for physical, emotional and physical being.