Crystals are absolutely wonderful to have in your home or to carry them around with you on a day to day basis. However, over time they could get stuck with old, negative and harmful energies and need to be cleansed again in order to work properly and still provide you with their benefits.

Some ways that you could cleanse them include the following:


Burning sage is a great way to cleanse your crystals as the smoke instantly breaks apart the negative and harmful energies that are stored in the crystal from working its magic all day/week/month - depending on the crystal, of course. Incense sticks would also work well with this technique instead of using sage. Some good incense sticks that I would recommend are: Palo Santo, Frankinsence and Sandalwood. For someone who’s extremely sensitive to smoke, a sage spraying mist works just as well. But sage is my ultimate go to.


Never underestimate the healing benefits of water. Water is known to heal us humans in more than one way, however, it could also cleanse crystals in a tremendous way. The positive polarity in the water attracts the negative energies stored in the crystals, cleansing them.


The sun is an energy powerhouse. It contains energy to help fuel and uplift the entire planet. The same goes for crystals. Just place your crystals on the windowsill or out in the plan sunlight and the sun will do its job in not only cleansing but also, recharging the crystals. The same goes for moonlight.

These three simple techniques have the power to cleanse your crystals in a super easy and efficient way. However, keep in mind, that some crystals are sensitive to water, sunlight, etc., so be sure to do your research and know which ones those are.